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Rest easy knowing that your small business is compliant and saving as much tax as possible, with our bookkeeping and tax services.

An Affordable Tax Service

How much money is your small business throwing away by making common bookkeeping and tax calculation errors? Or worse, by not claiming all of your tax deductions?

Rakow & Co offers you an affordable tax service that’s personal and done by a professional tax expert.

Using online bookkeeping software we ensure that your books are up to date, financial statements are accurate and that your tax preparation is 100% correct. We’re available to guide you through tax queries and ensure that you claim correctly in order to minimize your tax.

Keep your hard earned money in your business with our affordable tax solutions.

Expert Tax Services

Our team can help your small business with expert tax services, no matter the type of business you run, or where you are in the United States. We file taxes online for sole proprietors, general partnerships,  non-profits, LLCs, S Corps and C Corps.

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At Rakow & Co we do more than just file your business tax. With us, your small business gets complete accounting and tax services. We’re available to help you with annual tax planning and ongoing tax advice – helping you save even more throughout the year.

Our tax experts are based in New Jersey (NJ) but we work with clients all across the US online using the very best in cloud accounting software.

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Avoid Mistakes

We use cloud accounting software, like Quickbooks, that saves time, improves record keeping and delivers accurate financial reporting.

Save On Tax

With an expert tax preparer and bookkeeper by your side you’ll save on tax by claiming all your deductions, maintaining accurate books, and getting good tax advice through the year.

Expert tax advice

We don’t just file your business taxes, bill you and disappear for the year. We’re available to guide you through important decisions during the year that will impact your tax obligations.

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Are You Claiming All Of Your Small Business Tax Deductions?

Tax is complex and always changing. There’s a good chance that you’re not claiming all of your deductions and that you’re not even aware of further items that are tax deductible.

How much more tax could you be saving if you had a small business tax accountant who knew which levers to pull to minimize your tax to the fullest? 

With our bookkeeping and tax services you can be confident that you’re legally claiming all the tax deductions for businesses and self employed individuals. 

Take a look at these 25 small business tax deductions!

A Plan To Save Even More Tax

Tax shouldn’t just be a ‘once a year’ event in your business. Small business tax planning can help you save considerably more throughout the year.

Business tax planning involves looking ahead at your business decisions and planned financial activities to consider what the tax implications will be. 

By being strategic about your future decisions and activities you can significantly minimize the tax effects on your small business.

Book a free consultation with us today to discuss how tax planning can help you minimize tax. It just makes sense.

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Female owned businesses have access to tax benefits from local, state and federal governments. There are specific grants, business loans and tax breaks for female owned business. As a female owned business ourselves, Rakow & Co can advise you further on this.

Depending on your business structure, you may be eligible for a tax refund, whether on your business return or your personal. The tax rules are very intricate and constantly changing so it’s always advisable to check in with a tax accountant to make sure you are capturing all the refunds owed to you.

Yes, don’t panic, we can work to fix it! If you’ve fallen behind on your small business taxes please contact us sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more penalties and issues you’ll face down the road. We can help you bring your small business taxes up to date and get you compliant. Even if you don’t have the funds to pay right now, it’s better to file and make a payment plan with the IRS and local tax authorities.

Business coaching is a tax deductible expense. As with all expenses that are business related, business coaching is fully tax deductible on your business return.

A business security system that is used to protect your business and keep it safe is a fully tax deductible business expense.

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