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As your business grows, so do the financial complexities. Our complete bookkeeping services offer you more than just up-to-date books.

Bookkeeping And Payroll Services

Unscramble payroll complexities with our bookkeeping and payroll services. Our expert team can help you avoid all the errors and payroll tax problems that usually come with doing payroll yourself.

We’ll ensure that your staff are loaded correctly into your payroll software, paid on time and that all deductions and compliance requirements are met. 

It’s payroll made simple.

Sales Tax Specialists

Your small business must pay sales tax. A sales tax accountant can accurately calculate how much tax is due to the state and make sure that it’s paid on time. Most importantly we can ensure that you don’t overpay your sales tax.

Excellent experience. They are always available for any questions or requests. Extremely knowledgeable and on their game. Very professional and everything gets done in a timely fashion. Highly recommended!

Small Business Advice

Want to pay yourself more? Struggling with cash flow? Thinking of investing in new software or how best to scale your business?

We’re here to provide small business advice to our clients. Because we have insight into your finances we’re in a great position to help you get a better understanding of your performance and guide you through important business decisions.

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Don’t ignore outstanding payroll taxes. The IRS wont and the penalties you face will only escalate. If you have payroll tax problems, speak to us today.

Payroll is important because it helps take care of your employees. A small businesses relies heavily on its employees. If you’re not looking after their payments – paying them on time, accurately calculating what’s due to them, deducting the correct amounts – they will quickly  become disgruntled and could leave.

The current sales tax rate in NJ is 6.625%.

A simple way to calculate sales tax is to take your total selling price and multiply it by the local sales tax rate. Then add that figure back to your total selling price to get a final price to charge your customer. For example,

$100 x 6.625% = $6.63

Final selling price = $106.63

Speak to an accountant at Rakow and Co today for small business accounting, bookkeeping and tax advice.

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