Professional Bookkeeping Services

Do you really have the time for it? Get back to doing what you love while our professional bookkeeping services take care of your small business.

Personal Bookkeeping Services

Are you spending more time than you should on your bookkeeping? How much money are you throwing away each month with missed deductions, incorrect entries or accounts that don’t reconcile properly?

Things like cash flow, debt management and bank reconciliations are all aspects of running a small business that most owners are not familiar with and often get wrong. 

How much time and money are you losing each month doing your own books? 

At Rakow & Co we offer you personal bookkeeping services – someone that you can trust with your finances. Offload all your paperwork to an expert bookkeeper, so that you can get back to focusing on the things that make you money. 

Our Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Enjoy small business bookkeeping services that give you peace of mind. With your own professional bookkeeper, you’ll have someone to keep your finances up to date and provide you with reliable insights that help you make better business decisions.


Business Advice


Our small business bookkeeping services take care of everything you need. We can get you started with a Quickbooks setup or a full bookkeeping cleanup to bring you up to date. We then keep your books in order with on-going business support, bill paying, controller services and more bookkeeping services. Speak to us for payroll or sales tax support.

Bookkeeping Packages

Whether you’re just get started or looking to scale with reliable bookkeeping services that has you covered, we have a bookkeeping package for your small business.


Monthly Package
  • Transaction Verification
  • Monthly Reconciliation
  • Basic Reporting
  • Limited Email Support


'Essential Package,' Plus:
  • Enhanced Report Package
  • Email And Phone Support
  • Quarterly Financial Review
  • Year End Accountant Collaboration
  • Expense Monitoring Alert For Unusual Transaction


'Full Package,' Plus:
  • Budgeting
  • Priority Processing
  • Advisory
  • Business Development

We can also provide you with add-on services for payroll, sales tax and small business support.
Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Why Choose
Rakow & Co

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Using cloud accounting software like Quickbooks we simplify your bookkeeping, save you time, improve record keeping and give you better visibility of your finances.

Understand Your Business

See where your money is going and how to improve cash flow. Our professional bookkeeping services give you the information and advice you need to make good decisions.

Do What You Love

Put down the paperwork and get your time back. Our expert bookkeeping services free you up to spend time with family or reinvest it into scaling and growing your small business.

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quickbooks Tsheets pro advisor bookkeeper
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advantages of outsourcing bookkeeping services

Advantages Of Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services

Its hard to let go when you’re a small business owner. Its often more difficult to part ways with those hard-earned dollars for a service that you think you can do yourself. But there are many reasons why you should.

The main advantage of outsourcing bookkeeping services is that it can help you make more money. Instead of seeing it as a cost, see it as an investment to free up your time to focus on growth. With quality bookkeeping services your figures will be more accurate, you can avoid compliance errors and you’ll enjoy expert insights into your numbers.

You’ll have someone that you can trust and turn to for advice in one of the key areas of your small business – your finances.

More Flexibility With Virtual Bookkeeping Services

The demands on your time as a business owner are ever growing. Have you considered the benefits of online bookkeeping services for small business?

With the adoption of technology and cloud accounting, virtual bookkeeping just makes sense. A lot of business is already done online – banking, sales, payments. Why not plug all of that into a virtual bookkeeping service.


Still got questions?
Let us know what you’re looking for.

Yes. It’s important to us at Rakow & Co that we provide personal bookkeeping services. You’ll have your own bookkeeper who knows you and your business and is available to support you.

No, once you decide to come across to us, we’ll handle all the paperwork and securely transfer your records and history over to our system. If you’re already using an online bookkeeping software the process will be even easier.

An outsourced bookkeeper benefits your small businesses by:

  1. Reducing the cost of hiring a full time bookkeeper
  2. Offering flexibility to speak with your bookkeeper from wherever you are
  3. Saving you time and the headache of dealing with all the paperwork
  4. Keeping your small business compliance. An outsourced bookkeeper will keep your business up to date with tax and business obligations

Yes. We provide local bookkeeping services in New Jersey (NJ). We also  offer online bookkeeping services to our small business clients across the US via the internet.

We offer professional bookkeeping services to small businesses in a wide range of industries, from medical to trucker bookkeeping. Some of the industries we work with include:

  • Franchise owners
  • Doctors
  • Medical
  • Social workers
  • Nutritionists
  • Consultants
  • Home services
  • Powerspraying businesses
  • Gardeners
  • Dental practices
  • Therapy agencies
  • Truckers
  • Construction
  • And many more. Speak to our team for more info.

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